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We appreciate your support, and we know that you may be curious where your generous donations are going! If any of these organizations stand out to you, let us know and we will make sure that your collected products end up there! All of the organizations we work with share the collective goal of helping to support the low-income and homeless women of Monterey County. Thank you for supporting women in need, as they push through boundaries to thrive and support themselves and their communities.

With a donation center and headquarters located in Gilroy, and a team of driven employees, Community Solutions supports people going through hard times in San Benito and Santa Clara county. They have expanded their reach and have locations in San Jose, Hollister, and Morgan Hill as well. They are always open to new donations and volunteers, and encourage community members to be engaged and informed.


The organizations supports victims of domestic and sexual violence, struggling families, drug and alcohol abuse, and mental health issues. The program began helping community members when it was first established as a teen drop-in center in 1972. Over time, it has evolved into a well run program that provides tools and support to help community members live a healthier and happier life.

Last winter, This Club Saves Lives members were able to bring their first donations of tampons and pads to the center, where they were welcomed by the staff who showed them the offices where families come to get necessities and meet with social workers. The center’s director shared with club members that many of the women coming to them for help are latina, and that many of them ask for everything except menstrual products. She believes this is due to the taboo in their culture that steers them away from talking about their periods.


This Club Saves Lives members hope that the large donation of around 4,000 products will allow the center to give these women in need what they require every month.

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Gathering for Women


After packaging around 100 toiletry bags that each included enough period products for one cycle, advisor Leigh Cambra and student Clementine Chamberlain delivered a little over half of them to Gathering for Women in Monterey. Tucked away in a quiet neighborhood, many community members are unaware of the large number of women being helped here daily. While visiting the center, the Carmel High representatives learned about the amazing services this center provides from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. five days a week. There is a full kitchen staff ensuring that the women that come to them have a warm breakfast, lunch, and food to have for dinner and through the weekend.


“The volunteer coordinator gave us a tour of the beautiful facilities,” says Chamberlain. “She also told us that there are around six hundred homeless women on the Monterey County, living on the street, in the forest, and in their cars. Around fifty women visit their center

every day.”


During their visit, Chamberlain and Cambra saw the Gathering Place in action as they supported a young woman and her two small children with the help of a social worker and a police officer. They were able to take the family out of an unsafe environment due to their strong relationship with the Monterey County Police Department and their on-site social worker, and found a safe shelter for them to stay. The Gathering Place has make it a priority to ensure the homeless women become acquainted with Monterey’s police, so they understand that they are there to protect them on the streets.


The building is set up with a clothes closet, a few offices, a kitchen, a dining room, running showers, a pantry stocked by the food bank, and access to toiletries. The bulletin board in the front advertises a large range of classes offered to the women throughout the week, such as meditation, hat making, knitting, and more. They also offer workshops on writing résumés and conducting job interviews to help the women get on their feet. The volunteers that run the Gathering for Women are dedicated to the happiness of Monterey County’s homeless women, and that is reflected on their board of success stories. One woman shared that she is finally cancer free and was able to move into an apartment; another young woman wrote that the scholarship Gathering for Women gave her was the reason she was able to turn in her college application on time.


Through your support and donations to Tampon Tuesday, we will be thrilled to continue supporting to this incredible organization.

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The YWCA is a national organization, and has locations throughout Monterey County. They mainly focus on victims of domestic violence, sex trafficking, and labor trafficking. Some women who need support escaping these problems have children, and the YWCA gives them tools and shelter to help them thrive. From providing childcare to social workers and lawyers, the organization focuses on empowering women who have gone through unimaginable trauma.


They work on violence prevention through education, and advocates are reachable by phone at all times. The non-for-profit also has a goal of eliminating racism, which they are doing through educational programs and by empowering women of color to succeed despite their hardships and oppression. YWCA also provides exceptional mental health services for Monterey County members that may need this help. They hope that all of the survivors that come to them will find peace.


In the 2017-2018 school year, This Club Saves Lives assisted them in building a safe house for victims located in Salinas. During the couple of weekends the club spent painting and organizing, they learned a lot about the different forms of human trafficking; if you live within fifteen miles of a highway, human trafficking is in your community. This scary reality was a call to action for CHS students who spoke up about these alarming statistics and advocated for the women being affected.


We want to continue to show love to this organization and the victims they serve through donations of tampons and pads. Help us help the YWCA!

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Community Human Services


Community Human Services have received many tampon and pad donations from our Tampon Tuesday drive in 2019. This Club Saves Lives has volunteered for them in the past, providing hundreds of homemade Christmas cookies to their Safe Place location in Monterey during the holidays, and in February the club delivered around 1,000 supplies from our ongoing drive.


This nonprofit organization does a tremendous job with community outreach and focuses on giving back to the Monterey County specifically. They have a total of ten locations in the county with multiple medical facilities, a few safe homes providing shelter to those in need, and their Safe Place and Safe Passage programs.


The Safe Place and Safe Passage Monterey focuses on helping homeless youth in our area. According to a 2019 study by Pivot Learning and the National Center for Youth Law, one in ten students in Monterey County face homelessness. This Club Saves Lives is located in Carmel, and while the homeless students do not typically attend Carmel High, the students look beyond their small community in order to help people that live as close as twenty minutes away. They are able to educate the rest of the Carmel High community on what life is like for students in the same county as them.


Safe Place reaches out to teens children living on the streets and provides short term living accommodations. They are staffed with trained counselors, and support youth in reuniting with their families. Safe Passage provides more long term housing for homeless youth, and helps them better themselves.


Their multiple outpatient facilities and clinics support abusers of drugs and alcohol to get back on their feet, and they actively work to prevent student drug use. Between the family service centers, clinics, homes for children, and housing for adults, many people in the Community Human Services programs will benefit from donations of pads and tampons.


We want to make sure every member of Community Human Services has access to menstrual products as needed.

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The Little Market


This Club Saves Lives connected with the organization and online store called The Little Market--more specifically their collection called This is About Humanity. The funds from their products go to the organization Families Belong Together which provides support and aid to families at the Mexico border through housing and basic necessities. Most importantly, the nonprofit is working to end family separation for good.


The Little Market is an ethical brand with items hand made by artisans world wide; in these local villages and cities, female artists are empowered through the nonprofit side of the company as they gain wealth to support their families and their community’s economy.


The Little Market has inspired our club members to think twice about where the things they buy online are coming from, and whose life their purchase is affecting. After reaching out to the company’s social justice contact, we’ve learned that the women in Mexico that they have been helping are in need of tampons and pads.


A large number of these migrants are women traveling through Mexico to escape violence. Stephanie Leutert-- the Director of the Mexico Security Initiative at the University of Texas at Austin-- writes in an article for Lawfare titled “Who’s Really Crossing the U.S. Border, and Why They’re Coming” that, “Women and children are also at particular risk, with nearly one-third of the women reporting that they were sexually assaulted during their trip through Mexico.”


We would like to help support these women in any way we can, and by donating these needed products, you can help them too. 

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